NOCFA’S Fire and Life Safety Trailer

Thanks to a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) NOCFA was able to purchase a new Fire and Life Safety Trailer. The trailer has a classroom area that is used to educate individuals about various fire safety topics including escaping a fire in a simulated area that can be filled with a non-toxic smoke. In addition to the classroom the trailer has a sprinkler demonstration area that shows the effectiveness of residential sprinklers. The graphics on the trailer are meant to be educational messages and teaching tools. The most effective graphic is a flashover graph that shows people how long they have to escape a fire, when typical smoke alarms activate, when sprinklers would activate, and the time it take for a fire department to start battling the blaze. This trailer is very unique and only 3 similar trailers exist in Michigan. Special features include strobe flashing smoke detectors for the hearing impaired along with a fire safety video in sign language, and a wheelchair ramp that allows disabled or handicapped individuals to participate in educational programs. This trailer is used throughout the community and surrounding area for various events.


If you are interested in NOCFA’s Fire and Life Safety Trailer for your next event please contact LT. Blaska at 810-955-7444 or please fill out our Smoke House Request Form

Please contact us at least one month in advance of your event.



North Oakland County Fire Authority - 248-634-4511